Forked Staff Bio - Andrew

June 1, 2016


Andrew Peters is one of the co-founder/ owner of Forked River. He's the brewer of the team, and makes all the delicious beers we have at Forked River.

What's one beer you've made that you're very proud of, and why?
Dead Parrot: while I love super-hoppy beers, and I always wanted to make a beer like Queen's Ranger (which I'm also very proud of), being able to make something you can't just buy at the LCBO was one of main reasons I started brewing. A complex, dark, sour beer was one of those goals. I love it when a beer starts out good, and you can add some new ingredients or put it in barrels, or dose it with some sour culture and it transforms itself. Dead Parrot turned out exactly how I hoped it would, which in the land of barrel-aged sour beers isn't always a sure thing! ​(and it allowed us yet another reason to reference Monty Python!)

(Editor's note: One more reason to be proud of; Dead Parrot took Silver in the Wood and Barrel-aged Sour Beer category at this year's Canadian Brewing Awards.)

Describe your favourite Forked River beer in five words and pair it with something delicious.
Let's stick with Dead Parrot as I've already described it a bit: Dark, complex, sour, rich, and unique. You're not going to find many beers like that one around. As for pairings, I'll go two ways- both use the sourness to cut through these rich meals: moules frite- typical Belgian faire and is an obvious choice for flavourful sour ales. Or perhaps something from the south- smokey and rich like Texas-style smoked beef brisket. I've made both at home with Dead Parrot and I can attest to the experience first hand.

What are you up to when you're not brewing beer?
Spending time with my wonderful family, and hitting the road for new adventures and experiences. If I'm at home and have some free time I'll pull out a guitar and subject victims to my playing and singing (if that's what it's called). When the skies are clear I'll pull out my telescope and spend some time searching the heavens for planets, galaxies, nebulae etc.  Beyond that, coffee, food, discovering new beer and wine occupy my time as well.

Any awful/ hilarious brewing mishaps?
Oh, one sticks out. All I'll say is, make sure that beer in your corny keg isn't carbonated before trying to add dry hops. Make very sure. My basement ceiling still bears the green remnants of those horrific moments. At night, sometimes, I can still hear the dripping.

What are you drinking when you're not drinking Forked River?
Nowadays it's usually a beer that someone has given me, otherwise it's something I've picked up from traveling to some favourite breweries or bottle shops. I hold onto beer way too long, so it's probably something I've had for months (or years!).

Any advice for aspiring brewmasters?
Brew, brew, brew and share that beer! Get people whose palate you respect and ask for feedback. When it comes time to step up to the big time you'll have a bank of favourite recipes you can tweak and base your winning beers on. Taste as many styles and examples as you can, and be as critical with your beers as you are with them.