Christmas in July!

July 16, 2015

This is about as exciting as it gets! After months of waiting, and a few delays, our tanks have finally arrived! We came in to find a shipping container on our dock waiting for us. It was a bit earlier than expected; we didn’t think before 2pm meant 8:15am.

We cracked that container to find our three fermentors and new brite tank waiting for us to unload. Last time we had professional riggers do the unloading and righting of the tanks, but after seeing those guys do it, we figured ‘how hard could it be?!’. 

The tanks are wired down so we cut the ties loose and used the forklift to pull the tanks out. 

Once all the tanks were out and laying about the brewery, we started righting them using a chain hoist and forklift.

It’s like Christmas in July. We are very excited to get these tanks commissioned and fermenting beer. This capacity increase will allow for a maximum of about 24,000L of beer production per month, effectively more than doubling our current capacity!

If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll know this doesn’t come a moment too soon. We’ve been running very low on beer despite all of our efforts. This expansion should relieve some of the pressure on the production side. We’re hoping to step up some of our efforts to provide more specials so stay tuned. Better yet, sign up for our newsletter ( to keep up to date on news (monthly) and new releases (weekly).