Brewery Retail Store Update

May 13, 2015

After the massive uproar ​regarding our retail store woes, we are pleased to report that we've ​received plenty of positive attention from ​our provincial regulators. W​hile w​e won't say that all is roses and
rainbows, ​w​e've ​been working with them​ and have taken some baby steps toward​s a solution that complies with the myriad of provincial, federal, and international​ rules and regulations.

That's all we can really say up to now.​ And while i​t might take a little while​ to finally resolve our issues, we are optimistic that we will garner the approvals we need.

Thank you all for your patience and ​tremendous support.​ ​When we have a better idea of an opening date, we'll shout it from the treetops.

The Forked River Team